Enter a new world of air travel. Relax, enjoy and transport yourself. Revive the glamour of air travel and service. The legacy of innovation in flight continues with Volo. Volo will redefine the standard for private air travel. Apicella + Bunton was engaged to conceive the design prototypes for a series of fixed-based operations around the world for a private aviation company.

Volo Aviation

Dubai, UAE; Manasses, VA; Hayward, CA: Ft. Pierce, FL

Apicella + Bunton Architects developed the new branding and fixed-based operation building prototypes to create a new image for this rapidly expanding aviation company with global interests.

As part of our design process, we researched the history of aviation and airport terminal design. Our design studies involved influences from nature, history, aeronautical design and engineering. References from the "golden age" of air travel were explored and celebrated in a series of proposals that reflected the ethos of this very progressive company. Methods of prefabrication and sustainable design were also studied and integrated into the prototype designs.

The prototype work included designs for both passenger terminals and maintenance hangars for the facility. Responding to the client's request for a timeless aesthetic, we designed a sleek, glassy enclosure for the terminal, with an expressed structure and a wing-like roof.

The hangar was conceived as a simple, pre-fabricated building, enlivened by a layer of perforated metal screens hung 8" from the surface. The layered affect allows sunlight to filter through the surface and create dynamic plays of light and shadow during the day. In the evening, architectural lighting located behind the screen was designed to provide a variety of subtle lighting effects that animate the surface, creating modulating colors and the illusion of movement on the building facade.

Interior spaces are designed to be airy and minimal. Shades of white and warm gray will dominate, with accents of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and Volo's signature blue color. Materials include white terrazzo, limestone, patterned glass, stainless steel and natural wood veneers. The selected furniture is clean-lined and modern.