The Physics and Astronomy Building at the University of Washington includes laboratories, faculty and administrative offices, classrooms, four auditoria, a planetarium and a library. The complex consists of three buildings, linked by a basement platform and positioned to form a semi-enclosed courtyard.

Physics & Astronomy Building, University of Washington

Seattle, WA
265,000 sq ft

The building forms and details are designed to reference the University of Washington's campus and building traditions. Textured, multi-colored brick with cast stone accents and copper panels enclose the dynamic building forms.

Physical and astronomical elements are incorporated throughout the design, from a Foucault pendulum in the lobby to crystal formations and atomic grid patterns in patterned glass and tile throughout the structure.

The Physics and Astronomy Building won the American Institute of Architects' 1997 Brick in Architecture Design Award.

Design Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Senior Designer: J Bunton