A mixed-use complex in the heart of Tottori Prefecture in Kurayoshi, Japan, the Chubu Cultural Center comprises a performing arts center, women's center, museum, library and two large, public spaces, the enclosed Kurayoshi Commons and an outdoor, landscaped plaza.

Chubu Cultural Center & Kurayoshi Library

Kurayoshi, Japan
210,000 sq ft

The performing arts center accommodates a 1500-seat concert hall, a 300-seat multi-purpose theater, a large rehearsal room and a multitude of public and performer support spaces.

The Kurayoshi Commons, a glazed public space, is 42 meters tall and acts as the central element around which all other components of the complex are organized. It serves as a lobby for the performing arts facilities or as additional exhibition space. The Commons and the adjacent outdoor plaza offer ideal venues for public gatherings, concerts, fairs and festivals. The Library serves as an emergency command center as well as the central city library and cultural center.

The building is organized around a large sculptural volume that creates a tall elliptically-shaped atrium. Multiple polygonal window openings penetrate the volume and create dynamic shapes of light and shadow on the walls and floor inside, animating the building within.

Design Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Design Team Leader: J Bunton