Apicella + Bunton redesigned a storefront at 13 Broadway in New Haven. The design required a complete renovation of the storefront without altering the existing building envelope. Apicella + Bunton created a fresh, modern design for the new tenants by applying elements to the existing structure.

Broadway Storefront

New Haven, CT

A black, anodized aluminum frame fits into the existing building opening and forms a three-dimensional composition that floats on the building's facade. The three-foot deep frame projects both inward and outward, creating shelves for merchandise on the interior and canopies on the exterior.

Lights recessed below the frame provide visual emphasis to the storefront, making it appear to float above the sidewalk. The result is a dynamic facade of projecting and recessed planes of glass and metal that create a unique identity for the store that enlivens the pedestrian experience along the city sidewalk.